The sauna

Sauna is a gorgeous experience. It cleanses both body and soul. The warmth opens up the pores cleaning the skin. After a physical effort, session in the sauna is highly regenerating. Sweating in the sauna removes toxins, evens the temperature and cools down the body ensuring cleanliness and beauty.
The steam, which is made by pouring water over hot stones, ionizes the air, which prevents nervousness, tiredness and anxiety.
The sauna is relaxing and purifying.
The sauna with regulated temperature and humidity may be a form of training, relaxation, beauty care and excellent calories “burner”. We can invite friends to our home spa and make the meeting more attractive.
If you want to have a sauna at home, it is enough to adapt three or four square meters of the surface (e.g. attic or garage etc.). Despite the generally-known opinion, using the sauna at home does not generate high costs. The cost of one bath preparation on the surface of four meters (eight cubic meters) equals 2,50 PLN.


The sauna for sportsmen

The sauna built in Pogon Zdunska Wola Club

Design and realization: CONCEPT Team
Place of realization: Zdunska Wola

The sauna with a wide bench

Design and realization: CONCEPT Team
Place of realization: Sieradz

The sauna with a bench on the third level

The Sauna with a bench placed on the third level for the fans of extreme temperatures.

Design and realization: CONCEPT Team
Place of realization: Cracow